Who am I?

An artist drawing or sculpture speaks volumes to the public, but for a wood crafter, their end products give the people the wow factor when they see it and the comfort they need. At Leseecke Wood Crafters we have dedicated our strength to producing the highest quality of wood products ranging from corner reading chairs, benches, tables, to mention but a few. From our workshop, we pride ourselves in making wood become excellent products whether small or big. Leseecke workshop started by creating high-end corner reading chairs and seats for a few clients but over the years has grown to make many products.

Furthermore being in the industry for this long has enabled us to grow our skill set and now we are proud crafters and sellers of unique wood products. If you’re looking for any customized product for your garden, outside decks, office furniture or unique homeware for your lovely home visit us. Similarly, if you have an idea for any wood furniture at Leseecke Wood Workshop, we will get your sketch into a beautiful product for you. So please don’t hesitate to walk into our workshop and you won’t regret choosing Leseecke Wood Crafters.