Other Services We Offer

Besides making products from raw wood, we also reclaim and recycle wood from different locations. Through us recycling wood and make high-end products we are saving the environment. Moreover, the end products are amazing and long lasting. If you have any wood suitable for recycling, please call on us immediately our staff will collect the wood from your site without any difficulties. We also sell reclaimed wood at affordable prices. Apart from reclaimed wood we also have other types of wood available for sale. Some of the woods are cedar, teak, pine, red cedar to mention but a few.

Joinery Services

In addition to making wood products, we also have the best designers who come up with the best products for your home such as wardrobes, kitchen, and laundry. Joinery services can be offered on-site per your request. Our staff are experienced and can design, manufacture and install the products for your homes and offices. Furthermore, they are competent enough to make any fixtures and fittings without any hassle. If you would like to view their previous work, please visit and our workshop. We have a dedicated area which showcases their work.

Designing and Building Outdoor Spaces

In addition to the above, we can design and install outdoor living spaces for clients and help increase their living spaces. Outside areas are lovely for entertaining and holding small events for your family and friends, and with our expertise, we can transform your yard into a beautiful place. Patios and decks are suitable for such spaces, and under Leseecke Wood Crafters your outside space will be amazing. We will finish off by making the perfect furniture complete with dining tables, storage, and barbecue area.

Wood Products Restoration

Our carpenters are also competent enough to handle the restoration of wood products in your homes. We will revamp that old seat get rid of the loose parts, replace the old fabric with new and restore it to its original state. We are also available to finish your wood floors with the best finishing products making it pop and look lovely. Moreover, if your kitchen cabinets require some work, we will finish them off for you at a fair price.

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