Leseecke Wood Workshops

Over the years we have been able to grow from a single workshop to now having several workshops in different locations. The latter has enabled us to expand our business network and build a raptor with many clients in the construction industry. Furthermore, we have made a name for ourselves in the construction sector and are the to go to crew for any woodwork. Our carpenters never disappoint and always deliver. Besides that, we have also bought modern day wood machines which do our work easy, but the concepts and ideas are from our carpenters.

Leseecke Products

At the moment we have an online store which showcases our finished products to potential clients from across the globe. Our online store has products available and their prices ranging from the smallest products to the largest of them all. We also do customization of wooden products for client’s right at our workshops. To get our products, please visit our website, and under our online store, you will find products readily available. Placing orders is easy, and delivery is available for the products. Some of the furniture currently available include the Carfax suitable for your porch and deck or a Dawkins table ideal for your DIY projects at home.

Similarly, you can get the Jericho Picnic table for your backyard entertaining or the Taphouse also suitable for family picnics and dinners during the summer. For your lovely kids, we have amazing toys made from wood that will blow your kid’s mind. Besides the mentioned we have many more furniture products that will make your home unique and cozy for you and your family. Our prices are fair enough so rest assured you would find a product that you can afford.